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Make Any Event a Destination Event. No matter the location, any event can be a destination event. You may be inviting guests to travel to a new and exciting location or hosting an event in your home town that will take your guests on a journey away from their daily lives. 

Whether you are planning a wedding, baby shower, birthday, corporate event or family gathering, Destination Event Favors has everything you need to enhance the day.

From intimate occasions to large affairs, Destination Event Favors services events and weddings of all sizes. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our clients and are available anytime to assist with offering inspiration and consultations. No matter the occasion or destination, we can help you with planning those final touches that will make your wedding and event talked about for years to come.

Thank Your Guests with a Welcome Bag

Thank Your Guests with a Welcome Bag

When you are planning a wedding there are so many extra details that can be added to enhance the day, from creating an exciting itinerary of events, lighting, decorations, transportation and finding the perfect accommodations to suite each guests needs. With so many details to plan, we often forget the smaller details that really show your guests how much you appreciate them sharing your special day.

Whether you are inviting guests to a new destination or hosting your wedding in your home town, nothing says thank you for attending better than Personalized Welcome Bags. They can be delivered to guest hotels for destination weddings or handed out as guests leave your welcome reception or rehearsal dinner.

Your welcome bags can be a fun, creative way for you to incorporate your own personal style or theme into your wedding. The bags can include items that guests will use during your wedding and long after they return home.

Be sure to include items that your guests will enjoy and that can assist with planning their time with you.

Here are a few resources your guests will appreciate:

Map & Itinerary

Help your guests with planning activities during their trip by adding a personalized touch with an itinerary of events and a map of things to do in the area. Your itinerary can include the details of your rehearsal dinner, wedding and farewell breakfast. It  can also give your guests the opportunity to know about other places to spend time with you, drinks at a local brewing company or winery, kayaking and paddle boarding or an afternoon poolside. The map can be customized to include where each event will occur and is a great resource for your guests to locate restaurants and shopping during their free time.

Snacks & Hydration

Be sure to include sweet & salty snacks and water bottles. Your guests will love your thoughtfulness to add snacks and water to their welcome bags, especially if traveling and enduring airport check-ins, flights and taxis to spend the weekend celebrating your nuptials.

First Aid

After attending all of the amazing events you have planned it may be a good idea to include medicine to assist with rejuvenating your guests, which they will surely need after experiencing your fun-activity filled weekend of events. Add the things that your guests may forget to bring with them, like band aids and mouthwash.

After adding the basic essentials, now comes the fun items that allow you to incorporate your wedding design.

Here are a few ideas to help you find the perfect bag to reflect your wedding style.

Beach Wedding

Select bags that will match the setting. Incorporate color palettes with light blue, turquoise, burlap, and coral. The items in your welcome bags should remind your guests of their Sand & Sea adventure for years to come.

Help guests enjoy your wedding libations with “Flip Flop” Bottle Openers and Seahorse Bottle Stoppers.


Photograph Provided by Greg Poland Photography  

Vineyard Wedding

Hosting a wedding in Napa or Sonoma, or maybe you and your future husband consider yourselves to be expert wine connoisseurs… than a Vineyard themed welcome bag is perfect to compliment your wedding theme.

Your Vineyard Welcome Bag can include accessories to assist guests with enjoying your theme. Include a wine bottle opener and cheese spreader, which will definitely be used during your wedding getaway and are the perfect keepsake for guests to remember your special day.

For your map of things to do, add locations guests can visit to enjoy wine flights and Cheese & Charcuterie boards.

After enjoying wine flights at vineyards, it’s always a good idea to offer your guests fresh mints.

Country Roots Wedding

Were you raised in the country or just love the idea of being married in a historic farmhouse or barn? Than, a Country inspired welcome is the perfect match for your wedding.

When you think of country... cowbells, cowboy boots and lassos tend to come to mind.

Incorporate items that will make guests feel country at heart. 

"Just Hitched" Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener - http://bit.ly/2jxNJ4g

Our Adventure Begins

If your guest are traveling to your destination wedding, your welcome bags can convey the Great Adventure they will experience and it will remind them of the journey that you and your love have shared.

You can incorporate items that will inspire thoughts of travel that guests can use on their future adventures. Luggage tags, plane and passport themed favors are items that can be included in your guests welcome bags to remind them of their adventure at your amazing destination wedding. 

Photograph Provided by Greg Poland Photography  

                                                                                                                                              At Destination Event Favors, we offer assembled and shipped welcome bags directly to your venue or home. If you are located in South Florida our delivery team can bring them to your venue or wedding planner.

We provide several options on our website or can be contacted directly to work with you to create customized welcome bags. Visit our website at www.destinationeventfavors.com.

Call or send us an email - info@destinationeventfavors.com or 305-394-4740. We would love to hear from you and are happy to work with you to create the perfect welcome bags to reflect your personality and style. 



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How to Plan a Summer Wedding to Remember

How to Plan a Summer Wedding to Remember

Summer can be a beautiful time of year to host a wedding.
The sun is brighter, the ocean is warmer, the sky is bluer and many of your guests are able to take vacation time with their families.

What you are not envisioning for your summer wedding is overheated and uncomfortable guests, pictures with everyone’s hair wet and frizzy from the humidity and squinting eyes watching you say your I do’s.

Planning the Summer Wedding to remember will require a bit more planning and attention to detail.

Here are some tips to help make your summer wedding a memorable experience for
all to enjoy.     

Wear Attire that is light with flowing fabrics
Attire during a summer wedding is imperative to remain comfortable throughout the day.
Light fabrics and colors are a must. It may look amazing to have a long train on your wedding dress, or your groomsmen in nautical navy blue suits, but keep in mind that dark colors attract the sun and long trains can stain from grass and collect sand.
Choose pastels or light colors for your bridesmaid’s dresses. Your wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses can be shorter and if you prefer the length than choose a flowing, breathable fabric.

For the groom and groomsmen, consider having a change of shirts available for them. If your ceremony is outdoors, keep them inside until after everyone is seated, so they are not uncomfortable waiting in the hot summer heat.

Pick a Summer Hair Style
One word that you always hear in summer is humidity, which is never kind to your hair. In the summer heat, we recommend having your hair up or partially up. Avoid curls and styles that will become frizzy and unmanageable.
Don’t wait to decide until the day of. Meet with your salon before your wedding to select the style you want and have them try several options to see what works best for you.
Select Flowers that Will Withstand the Heat
Flowers for summer weddings need to be able to withstand the heat and like the sun. Speak to your florist about the flowers that are best in a warmer climate like orchids and calla lilies. Arrangements that are being setup outside should not be placed until just before your guests arrive so they will stay fresh.

Floral Arrangement by Studio South, Islamorada, FL

Create a Cooling Station
Keep your guests cool with a station setup to offer relief from the heat. The station can include refreshing beverages such as tea and lemonade in beverage dispensers. Make the station fun by adding personalized mason jars, water bottles, straws and disposable cups.
SHOP STRAWS: http://bit.ly/2aisJPQ
SHOP WATER LABELS: http://bit.ly/2a5Pm8P
Your guests will appreciate you offering sunglasses to shade them from the bright sun and keep them from squinting during your ceremony. Provide sunscreen and mosquito repellent that will protect them from the elements of the outdoors.  

Hand Fans are a nice addition and can be personalized and reflect your décor and style. These fans can be placed on your station or on your ceremony chairs. They are perfect for guests to take home to remember your wedding day. You can also have your ushers pass out parasols as guests are being seated for your ceremony.

SHOP PARASOLS: http://bit.ly/2aw3et1

Choose the Best Location
Should your wedding be in an Indoor or Outdoor Venue? The best answer to deciding whether you should host an indoor or outdoor wedding, is both. Pick a venue that offers areas both indoors and outdoors.

It is important to have an area inside where guests can cool down from the heat.
Since ceremonies typically last no more than 30 minutes, this is a good time for the outdoor portion of the day’s agenda. Start the ceremony closer to sunset, so the heat will not be as high as it is in the afternoon.

Your cocktail hour can be a combination of indoors and outdoors. The ideal setup is to create two areas for guests to be enjoy cocktails and passed Hors D’oeuvres. Setup an outside area with high top tables, near the water or in a shaded location. Inside designate a seating area with low tops and chivari chairs or reflect your unique sense of style and rent furniture to create a lounge area for your guests. This area can be utilized throughout your wedding reception and can be a fun location for late night lounging and snacks.

If your venue has an indoor space large enough to accommodate dinner, this is a good time to move your guests inside. Perhaps to a grand ballroom with a terrace overlooking the ocean or garden landscape.

Cocktail Hour Setup Provide by Keys Audio & Party Rentals, Islamorada, FL

Depending on your venue an indoor option may not be available to accommodate your guest count. You must than answer the age old question of wedding planning to tent or not to tent… We always recommend tenting during a summer time wedding. This time of year can be known for its unpredictable weather and scattered showers and unfortunately all it takes is one quick passing shower to soak your tables, chairs, menus and all your hard work planning your special day. A tent will ensure that your setup is protected. Keep circulation in the tent by renting fans or small air conditioning units.
Your reception can also be a combination of outdoors and indoors. If you have a tent you can start outside with a live band and move inside later in the evening to dance the night away to the sounds of the DJ and serve late night snacks in your lounge area to keep the party going. The combination of indoors and outdoors works best for hosting your summer time nuptials and offers different sceneries for your guests to enjoy the day’s festivities.

Offer Light Fare & Refreshing Cocktails
Greet your guests with a refreshing cocktail passed upon their arrival. This can remain your signature cocktail throughout your wedding and be served at your bars. Add signage on your bar to share the cocktails ingredients with your guests. When selecting this drink it is always fun to incorporate its significance, perhaps it is a memory of vacationing in the Caribbean with your groom, or your favorite cocktail you make when inviting guests to your home. Whatever the cocktail, make it fun and summery by adding fresh fruit, fun straws and tropical glassware.

In the summer, food is best when it’s light and refreshing. For passed Hors D’oeuvres, think cold ceviche with tangy lime juice and chilled gazpacho soup shooters. A seafood station, with raw oysters, stone crabs, cocktail shrimp and accompaniments is refreshing and light and is a great addition to your cocktail hour that guests will appreciate.

For dinner, it is best to stay away from hot soups and heavy cuisines with gravy and cream, guests will enjoy a much lighter meal such as a salad with goat cheese, strawberries, and poppy seed vinaigrette, an entrée choice of chicken or fish with tropical salsa, rice pilaf and summer vegetables. Work with your caterer or venue to offer fresh, local caught fish, perhaps something unique that your guests have likely never tried.


Conclude your reception with a food truck that serves milkshakes with fries, ice cream, and popsicles that guests can enjoy while reflecting on their wonderful experience and memories made at your summer wedding.
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Host the Best 4th of July Party!

Host the Best 4th of July Party!

There are a few times a year when a backyard BBQ is a must with family and friends, and the 4th of July is one of those times.
When hosting a gathering you want your guests to enjoy every aspect of the day and to tell everyone they know that nobody can host a better party than you.
At Destination Event Favors, we want to help you plan the best 4th of July party, EVER!
Follow these simple tips and your 4th of July party is sure to be a success.

1. It's All in the Recipes
When you think of a Backyard BBQ the first thing that comes to mind is cooking on the grill with items topped with your favorite smoky BBQ sauce, and accompanied by refreshing cold snacks and side items to compliment the savory, smoky flavors.
Below are two of our favorite recipes for hosting a Backyard BBQ,
Deviled Eggs & BBQ Grilled Ribs  
 These Deviled Eggs have a truly Southern secret ingredient that your guests will love, honey…that’s right I said honey. Not only does this add a unique, sweet flavor, it also makes the texture creamy. Use some of our honey to make these eggs and offer personalized jars for guests to take home with them to try your unforgettable recipe.

Personalized Honey Jar - BBQ
Deviled Eggs Recipe
8 Large Eggs, Boiled and Peeled, makes 16 Deviled Eggs
¼ cup Mayonnaise
1 teaspoon Yellow Mustard
2 Tablespoons Sweet Relish
1 Tablespoon Honey
Salt & Pepper to Taste
Paprika for Garnish
 Directions: Boil eggs, chill completely, cut eggs in half, scoop yolk into a bowl, mash and add ingredients, stir, place mixture into sliced egg centers, sprinkle with paprika and refrigerate before serving.
BBQ Ribs Recipe
 2 Slabs of Spare Ribs or Baby Back Ribs
 4 Tablespoons Salt
5 Tablespoons Garlic Powder
8 Tablespoon Creole Seasoning or 6 Tablespoons Paprika & 2 Tablespoons Cayenne
3 Tablespoons Parsley
3 Tablespoons Pepper
Directions: Mix ingredients together in a bowl
 Coat Ribs with Soy Sauce and Rub with Mix Mixture, place in Ziploc bag, refrigerate for two hours,  remove ribs from bag and wrap in foil, place in oven for 2 ½ hours at 300 degrees.
BBQ Sauce
 Purchase your favorite store sauce or make it homemade by following this recipe:
 8 oz can Tomato Sauce
1 Cup Ketchup
1 ½ Cups Cider Vinegar
½ Cup Light Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon Honey
1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard
1 Tablespoon Worchestershire
1 Teaspoon Paprika
1 Teaspoon Chili Powder
3 Teaspoons Kosher Salt
1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
2 Tablespoons finely Chopped Onion
Mix together, prepare night before and refrigerate to allow flavors to come together.

If cooking on a charcoal grill soak hickory chips in water for 30 minutes. Cooking with hickory chips will add extra flavor. 
Remove foil, brush with BBQ Sauce and add ribs to grill, cover and cook on medium for 30 minutes, turn half way through and brush with more BBQ Sauce.
 To check for doneness, take a fork and twist slightly into one rib only so you can keep your ribs looking nice for your guests. 
Remove from grill and serve with BBQ Sauce on the side.

Personalized BBQ Table Runner
Create a designated area for your food and beverage to be displayed. If it is outdoors, make sure the area is covered in the event or incremental weather and place ice bowls under your cold items. To contribute to your 4th of July, Backyard BBQ decorations you can add a table runner, perfect for accenting your beverage and food stations.

 Red Gingham Fabric Photo Frame

  Create a buffet table for your guests to self-serve. Add signs to designate food items. This is a great way to communicate what items you are serving. You can have the item and description listed on these signs and display if an item is allergen free. You can add a GF for gluten free, DF for Dairy Free, etc.

 2. Ice Cold Refreshments
With the hot summer heat of July, the beverages should be ice cold and refreshing.
 Start the party by greeting your guests with a tray of premade drinks that they can enjoy upon their arrival. These beverages will be your guest’s first impression at your party, so be sure to make something you think your guests will all like. Although you know your guests better than we do, some suggestions could include a red and blue layered margarita made with strawberry and blue curacao or raspberry and blueberry mojitos with fresh mint, spiced rum and club soda garnished with lime. Make it truly authentic by adding a piece of sugar cane.
Your passed cocktails can be served in our personalized mason jars with BBQ themed straws, these also make the perfect gifts for your guests to take home with them to always remember your amazing party.

  Personalized Mason Jar - BBQ

For the drinks for the remainder of the day, we recommend a beverage station. A station can add to your décor and offer your guests a designated location to refill their beverages. It also leaves you more time to enjoy mingling with your guests.
              An easy, great way to serve beverages is with beverage dispensers, you can make lemonade with fresh cut lemon slices and water with strawberries, blueberries and white flowers, to keep with the 4th of July theme of red, white and blue.

3. Create a Playlist
No matter the event, music is always key in hosting a party.
 Create a playlist from Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA to Zac Brown’s Toes, whatever music reminds you of relaxing outside on a sunny summer day. Your guests will definitely recognize the extra effort you made creating a playlist to enjoy during your 4th of July celebration. Conduct a sound check of your music to make sure it is the perfect volume and confirm that your device has enough power or is near an outlet.
4.       Games, Games and More Games
It’s important for your guests to have a way to engage with each other and games are great. Especially, if your friends and family do not all know each other.
Some fun adult outside games could include cornhole, horseshoes, hook and ring toss, or life size jenga.
For guests that would prefer more lounge styled games, we recommend setting up and area with smaller tables and chairs for table top checkers or tic tac toe.
5.       Make it Kid Friendly
If you are not already aware of if everyone has kids or what their ages are be sure to do your research. Depending on their ages will determine what activities will be best suited and the most fun for them.
An activity that kids of all ages will enjoy is slip and slide, you can’t go wrong with this classic.
Another fun activity for kids, is an art station, setup tables for hand painting, or chalk boards with chalk for writing and drawing. Visit your local crafts store and purchase paint and brushes and have a picture of their favorite cartoon character or superhero for inspiration.
6.       Lighting is Important
 During the day, there should be a shaded area for guests to relax away from the sun. Not all guests may remember to bring sunglasses. You can setup an area where guests are entering that includes fun sunglasses, hats, sun tan lotion and even mosquito repellent.
If you plan on hosting your party into the evening you want to ensure that you have ample lighting, whether it is outdoor lights on your patio or lanterns or candles on tables, you want your guests to be able to see each other. Another great way to light an area is to have festival lighting, this will set the perfect ambiance for your party.

Luminous Mini Lanterns
If you follow these 6 simple tips your guests will have a great time at your
4th of July party.
So start your planning, make your guest list, do your shopping, and finally relax and  enjoy the festivities with family and friends.











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